Rave apparel has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. Many styles and designs have come and gone, and colorful rave outfits are having their fame in the limelight now.

Girls all across the world are getting more and more creative with their choice of festival wear. Let’s dive right into our rave outfit ideas for this year!

Our Favorite Bodysuits

We’ve put together a stunning rave bodysuit collection that features pieces that show off many different colors and patterns when exposed to light! As we all know, a good rave is jam-packed with light shows and lazers.

Holographic outfits are an amazing way to keep the party going and to look great while doing so.

Our top-selling holographic bodysuit comes in four gorgeous colors and shines with tons of reflective color.

holographic bodysuit

Top & Bottom Outfit Ideas

Everyone loves a good bodysuit, but our top rave apparel list wouldn’t be complete without some good tops and bottoms!

1.Our favorite rave top and bottom combo is our Metall Wrap Rave Top and Metallic Wrap Shorts!

This gorgeous pair is full of color, comes in seven unique designs, and are some of our top selling products.

rave apparel
2. Another stunning combo is our Holographic Harness Top & Holographic Bottoms combo.
This gorgeous combo has a deep “V’ cut down the middle with a beautiful holographic effect that really brings a good lightshow to life.
holographic harness top

The Best Rave Bottoms

Maybe you already have a few tops and you’re looking for some new bottoms to fill in the gaps. Here are some new pieces to add to your wardrobe.

1. You don’t want to miss our adorable Rainbow Pinwheel SkirtThis colorful skirt is a super popular pick that’s perfect for a rainbow-style outfit. 

rainbow pinwheel skirt

2. Our runner-up choice is our Strappy High-Waisted Shorts! These cute bottoms have a sparkling hue with straps that go around to the back.

Coming in either purple, light pink, or light green, these beauties are a super popular pick from other ravers

strappy high waisted shorts

Our Favorite Rave Chaps

If you’re looking for some rave chaps instead of shorts or bottoms, we’ve got you girl!

These stunning chaps have a feathered aesthetic with a super cute hot pink frazzle. Oh, and the studded belt looks amazing.

hot pink rave chaps

The Best Rave Apparel Accessories

Rave outfits wouldn’t be complete without some amazing rave accessories, would they? From cute gloves, to garters, to rave shrugs, we have them all!

1.We’re super excited to have recently launched our Rainbow Garter Leg Straps! These rainbow-themed beauties really add some color to your fit. 

rainbow garter leg straps

2.Next up on our list is our pair of Mesh Lace-Up Gloves! These gorgeous gloves really add an extra layer of cute to your outfit that’s oftentimes overlooked.

Besides Kandi, ravers often miss out on wearing anything on their arms. We’ve here to fix that! These gloves come in seven unique colors.

mesh lace rave gloves3. Last but not least, we couldn’t include accessories without our favorite rave shrug! Dancers love our shrugs.

The way they glide in the wind is mesmerizing and super fun to use. If you haven’t used a shrug before, we highly recommend trying!

This shrug comes in three different colors including black, pink, and white.

pink rave shrug


Last but not least, our friends at Sojourner have the absolute cutest rave fans. Sojourner has all types of fans including psychedelic. cute, and graphic designs. 

Not only do they have the best fans in the industry, they have amazing bags and other accessories. We highly reccomend to check them out. 

rave fans

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best rave apparel this year! Even though these pieces are some of our favorite picks, we carry many more great designs.

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