The Best EDM Venues In The US

The US has hundreds of popular EDM venues scattered across the nation. Each and everyone one of them is different in their own unique ways, but we there are a few select venues that stand out from the rest. Let's dive into the best EDM venues in the US.

Webster Hall - NYC

Webster Hall is a legendary venue built in 1886 that helped today's top artists rise to the top, such as Skrillex and LDC Soundsystem. Over the years, Webster Hall has been renovated to boast top-tier acoustics.

Not only is the sound great, it's located in East Village - a trendy and energetic Manhattan area. It's surrounded by some of the best bars and restaurants in the United States. 

the best EDM venues in the US

Avant Gardner - NYC

Avant Gardner is one of those venues that always resurges in popularity once people remember how cool it is. With a capacity of 5,500, it has enough space to become a crazy party, but also features state-of-the-art sound and visual production.

Huge EDM artists regularly pop up at Avant Gardner like Marshmello, Galantic and Carl Cox. The venue is technically seperated into three distict sections: The Brooklyn Morage (outdoors), The Great Hall, And The Kings Hall. We had to include Avant in our list of the best EDM venues in the US.

avant gardner edm venue nyc

Elsewhere - NYC

We know, NYC apparently has a lot of great EDM venues, who would have thought! Elsewhere is a legendary venue with super immersive sound and lighting that makes you really, really want to dance. Elsewhere features two dance area and some funky extras in including a coffee zone and snacks. 

elsewhere edm venue

Believe Music Hall - Atlanta

Atlanta's nightlife has seriously come alive in the last five years. Believe Music Hall is one of the reasons why. Thips popping venue has four distinuct event spaces with not one, not two, but three levels!

Believe even features two seperate stages - blurring the lines between venue and EDM festival. Believe has featured giants in the industry like Subtronics, Illenium, Adventure Club and more.

elsewhere edm venue

Temple - Denver

Temple is a semi-new addition to the mile high city and a very welcomed one. Opening in 2017, Temple has become an icon featuring over 50,000 LED lights making for an intense visual experience.

Who doesn't love to disco? Temple is famous for it's 14-foot tall disco ball that really makes people get down and boogie. Temple has held featured artists like Borgore, NERO, Arfojack and more. Keep doing you, Denver.

elsewhere edm venue

Audio - San Francisco

Located in San Francisco's legenadry SOMA district, Audio is a massive EDM venue that has completely refreshed in 2017 with all new equipment. Audio is serious about the sound of the venue, boasting legendary 3D surround sound and a vibrating floor. If you're looking for one of the best EDM venues in the US, don't forget to stop at Audio when you're in San Francisco.

elsewhere edm venue

Radius - Chicago

Chicago has some top-tier EDM venues with Radius being no exception. Radius features 55,000 square feet of space to rave with space for up to 3,800 people at a time.

Radius features brand new lighting and sound production often welcoming big name artists like SIDEPIECE, Illenium and the likes. If you're in Chicago and looking to rave in the city house music was created, give Radius a shot.

elsewhere edm venue

Academy - Los Angeles

Academy has carved out a solid reputation in LA as a go-to for EDM lovers looking for great sound, big name artists, and a spacious dance floor.

Located in the heart of hollywood, Academy is located in a pretty central part of the city, making it accessible for people living downtown and on the west side. This club often features an energetic atmosphere accompined by the near-perfect weather of Los Angeles.

elsewhere edm venue

Club Space - Miami

Club Space is a huge part of what makes Miami such a fun city to visit when you're in the mood to get down to some EDM. Club Space often hosts world-class DJs and likes to switch it up with everything from house, to trance, to dubstep.

What's really wild is Club Space is open 24/7 making it a non-stop party for those bold enough to accept the challenge. If you're looking to come to Club Space, maybe try to align it with Miami's music week mecca - a transcendant experience of sound and good vibes lasting all week long. We couldn't make a list without including Club Space as one of the best EDM venues in the US.

club space miami edm venue

OMNIA - Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays Vegas - except for your memories headbanging at OMNIA. This legendary venue has features state-of-the-art production and sound design. 

Of the main draws of OMNIA (besides top-tier artists and production) is the kinetic chandelier. This cool piece of tech moves and changes in sync with the music and adds a unique twist to the night that not many other venues can match.

OMNIA gives some of the biggest EDM festivals in the US a run for their money. Truly, truly a legendary party experience.

elsewhere edm venue